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Over the last few years emerging technologies, such as CNT, SET, QCA, spin and molecular electronics, have asserted a prominent role for future innovation in the electronics and computer industry at nanometer scale. As breakthrough technologies, their potential is wide-ranging and expected to eventually supersede at least some of the CMOS limitations, as predicted at the end of the Technology Roadmap. Novel computational paradigms (such as quantum and reversible computing) and new manufacturing/fabrication processes (based on DNA-like self-assembly) are being introduced to the technical community. Nano-device, circuit and system implementations for diverse applications are currently being investigated to implement the next generation of electronics and digital computers.
This workshop will provide an open forum for presentations in this field. All aspects of design, manufacturing, test and reliability of innovative nano-circuits and systems are of interest.

The Workshop will be held in Cambridge (MA) USA in an area with one of the highest concentrations of research and academic insitutions in the world.

The topics include (but are not limited to) the following ones:

  1. Self-assembly and manufacturing of emerging technologies
  2. Metrology and real-time monitoring of processing for emerging technologies
  3. Electronic characterization of nano-scale structures
  4. Design of nano-circuits and systems
    CNT, QCA, SET, spin electronics, opto-electronics, molecular & DNA devices, and hybrid nano-CMOS
  5. Modeling and simulation of nano-scale devices
  6. System-level computational paradigms
    Algorithms for quantum and reversible computing
  7. Tools for simulation and Computer Aided Design
  8. Scaffolds and interconnects
  9. Sensors and bio-computational fluid chips
  10. DNA and molecular level processes
  11. Fault modeling
  12. Testing of nano-circuits and systems
  13. Fault tolerance
  14. Reliability and yield

Paper Submission

Prospective authors should prepare a full paper (up to 4 pages in the standard IEEE double column format), to be submitted as a PDF file.
Submission will be electronically only. Use the contact author's last name as file name; add numerals in the case of multiple submissions (e.g., lombardi1, lombardi2). The submission should also indicate the intended presenter.
Proposals for panel sessions are solicited: please send an email to the Program Chairs with a brief description (1 page maximum).

Paper Publication

The proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society.


Prospective authors should adhere to the following deadlines:

Submission deadline:                        April 30, 2008   
Notification of acceptance:               June 18, 2008
Camera ready full papers:                July 18, 2008