Sept. 29th, 2008

   09:00-09:10    WELCOME (General Co-Chairs: Giorgio Baccarani and Fabrizio Lombardi)

   09:10-09:20    PROGRAM INTRODUCTION (Program Co-Chairs: Cecilia Metra and André DeHon)

   09:20-10:00    KEYNOTE

           Perspective of Nanotechnology for Information Technology
           Jong-Min Kim (Samsung Electronics)

   10:00-10:40    INVITED TALK

           Si-Based Nanostructures for Advanced Devices
           Salvatore Coffa (STMicroelectronics)

   10:40-11:00    COFFEE BREAK

   11:00-12:00    SESSION 1: Devices and Assembly (chair: Mircea Stan)

    1.1 Analytical Theory of Graphene Nanoribbon Transistors
    Pei Zhao (University of Florida - USA), Mihir Choudhury (Rice University - USA), Kartik Mohanram (Rice University - USA), Jing Guo (University of Florida - USA)
    1.2 Effects of Channel Orientations, High-k Gate Stacks and Stress on UTB-FETs: a QDD Simulation Study
    Luca Silvestri (University of Bologna - Italy), Susanna Reggiani (University of Bologna - Italy), Elena Gnani (University of Bologna - Italy), Antonio Gnudi (University of Bologna - Italy), Massimo Rudan (University of Bologna - Italy), Giorgio Baccarani (University of Bologna - Italy)
    1.3 Electromigration Feedback Controlled Nanogaps Fabrication Based on MPTMS Adhesion Layer
    Danilo Demarchi (Politecnico di Torino - Italy), Matteo Cocuzza (Politecnico di Torino - Italy), Denis Perrone (Politecnico di Torino - Italy), Pierluigi Civera (Politecnico di Torino - Italy), Gianluca Piccinini (Politecnico di Torino - Italy)

   12:00-13:30    LUNCH

   13:30-14:30    SESSION 2: Memories (chair: Iris Bahar)

    2.1 A Highly-Stable Nanometer Memory for Low-Power Design
    Yong-Bin Kim (Northeastern University - USA), Sheng Lin ( Northeastern University - USA)
    2.2 Resistive Crossbar Switching Networks to Implement Inherently Fault Tolerant Nano LUTs
    Xiaojun Ma (Northeastern University - USA), Jing Huang (Northeastern University - USA), Federica Chiminazzo (University of Bologna - Italy), Daniele Rossi (University of Bologna - Italy), Cecilia Metra (University of Bologna - Italy), Fabrizio Lombardi (Northeastern University - USA)
    2.3 Low Power 8T SRAM Using 32nm Independent Gate FinFET Technology
    Young Bok Kim (Northeastern University - USA), Yong-Bin Kim (Northeastern University - USA), Fabrizio Lombardi (Northeastern University - USA)

   14:30-15:00    COFFEE BREAK

   15:00-16:00    SESSION 3: Magnetic and QCA Computing (chair: Bernard Courtois)

    3.1 Direct Quadratic Minimization Using Magnetic Field-based Computing
    Sudeep Sarkar (University of South Florida - USA), Sanjukta Bhanja (University of South Florida - USA)
    3.2 Design Tradeoffs for Improved Performance in Magnetic QCA-Based Systems
    Michael Niemier (University of Notre Dame - USA), Aaron Dingler (University of Notre Dame - USA), X. Sharon Hu (University of Notre Dame - USA)
    3.3 Programmable Comparators Based Array for Regular QCA Implementation
    Vladimir Ostrovsky (Tel Aviv University - Israel), Osnat Keren (Bar Ilan University - Israel), Ilya Levin (Tel Aviv University - Israel)

Sept. 30th, 2008

   09:00-10:00    SESSION 4: QCA Reliability (chair: Adelio Salsano)

    4.1 Using Geometric Analysis to Estimate the Yield of Molecular QCA Memory Structures
    Timothy J. Dysart (University of Notre Dame - USA), Daniel Lohmer (University of Notre Dame - USA), Peter Kogge (University of Notre Dame - USA)
    4.2 Characterization of the Displacement Tolerance of QCA Interconnects
    Faizal Karim (University of British Columbia - Canada), Konrad Walus (University of British Columbia - Canada)
    4.3 Comparing the Reliability of PLA and Custom Logic Implementations of a QCA Adder
    Timothy J. Dysart (University of Notre Dame - USA), Peter Kogge (University of Notre Dame - USA)

   10:00-11:00    SESSION 5: Circuit Testing (chair: Vikas Chandra)

    5.1 Ones Counting Based Error-Rate Estimation for Multiple Output Circuits
    Zhaoliang Pan (University of Southern California - USA), Melvin Breuer (University of Southern California - USA)
    5.2 A BIST Technique for Configurable Nanofabric Arrays
    Waleed Al-Assadi (Missouri University of Science and Technology - USA)
    5.3 The Case for Logic Scrubbing
    André DeHon (University of Pennsylvania - USA)

   11:00-11:30    COFFEE BREAK

   11:30-12:30    SESSION 6: Biological Fabrication (chair: Nicholas Carter)

    6.1 On the Optimization of DNA Self-Assembly Tile Sets for Nano Manufacturing
    Fabrizio Lombardi (Northeastern University - USA), Xiaojun Ma (Northeastern University - USA)
    6.2 A Graph Model for Tile Sets in DNA Self-Assembly
    Masoud Hashempour (Northeastern University - USA), Zahra Mashreghian Arani (Northeastern University - USA), Fabrizio Lombardi (Northeastern University - USA)
    6.3 Accelerated Functional Testing of Digital Microfluidic Biochips
    Debasis Mitra (Indian Statistical Institute - India), Sarmishtha Ghoshal (Bengal Engineering & Science University - India), Hafizur Rahaman (Bengal Engg. and Science University, Shibpur - India), Bhargab B. Bhattacharya (Indian Statistical Institute - India), Dwijesh Dutta Majumder (Indian Statistical Institute - India), Krishnendu Chakrabarty (Duke University - USA)

   12:30-14:00    LUNCH

   14:00-14:45    INVITED TALK

           Natural Quantum Wire Arrays: Why? What? and How do you know you have one?
           Albert Sacco Jr (Northeastern University - USA)

   14:45-15:00    CLOSING REMARKS